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Time's Up Apr 27, 2018

In case you were wondering ...

"Did I Survive
The Mad Titan?"

... we came up with this tool to answer that question for you. Pretty nice of us, huh?

Learn Your Fate

To find out how you fared in this cosmic game of russian roulette, click the button above!

"Did I Survive The Mad Titan?"

Wonder no more true believer! Your fate has been determined. Here's how the dice rolled ...

Did you survive the wrath of The Mad Titan?

Oct 17th, 2018 at 09:40PM CDT America/Chicago -0500


Survival Rates

Looks like things aren't quite balanced in the Universe.


These folks are pushing daisies now.

Death Rate53%
442 died out of 832 people who have checked their fate.


These folks are still using Weed and Feed.

Survival Rate47%
390 survived out of 832 people who have checked their fate.


Here's what everyone is saying before and after "The Snap!"

Running Tally

Here are the unlucky or lucky ones, depending on your outlook ...

List of Universal Beings

? # Date Region Country
Oct 17 7:18pm Porto Alegre BR
Oct 17 1:48pm El Segundo US
Oct 17 1:48pm El Segundo US
Oct 17 2:09am US
Oct 16 9:37pm Santa Rosa PH
Oct 16 7:44am Greensboro US
Oct 14 8:40pm Newport AU
Oct 14 2:36pm Seattle US
Oct 14 1:56pm Dudley GB
Oct 14 12:40pm Brantford CA
Oct 14 12:14am Lake Mary US
Oct 13 9:35pm Smyrna US
Oct 13 11:56am Averill Park US
Oct 13 11:51am Saint-Germain-du-Puch FR
Oct 13 3:28am Alexandria EG
Oct 12 7:18pm Alvin US
Oct 12 5:40pm San Francisco US
Oct 12 4:09am Chandler US
Oct 11 4:46pm Joliet US
Oct 11 4:45pm San Francisco US

Global Map

Are you feeling lonely? See how well your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and fellow residents of Earth fared against The Mad Titan by viewing the map below.